Strange Message Interrupts Queen Elizabeth Ii’s Funeral in Live Broadcast - Daily Grail

  • Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest on September 19, and as the longest reigning British monarch it seemed fitting that she went with a bit of conspiracy and strangeness—the better to be remembered. During the live broadcast of the Queen's funeral procession, one of the television stations carrying the ceremony experienced an "intrusion": a whispering female voice commenting on the nature of  death. While these whispers have sparked ample talk of various cabals, not all murmurs are created equal. Irish Woman Reports Hearing Eerie 'Fairy' Voice and Laugh While Lost in Woods. Having gone for a hike and coming upon a liminal space between two trees—one warm, one cold—the woman walked through the path between and immediately found herself disoriented. Then, and far more alarmingly, a female voice called to her, as if to draw her deeper into the trees. It's possible the woman's escape was only due to her memory of faery lore, so we might do well to take those folktales more seriously. (CM)-- Delivered by Feed43 service
    Published: Thu at 9:02 AM