Skepticism and Michael Shermer - A Different Perspective

  • Our Kevin "Randlefest" starts with Kevin interviewing arch-skeptic and Skeptic Magazine founder Michael Shermer. It's interesting to hear Shermer in action; he even offers/threatens to make Kevin an honorary member of the Skeptics Society! Kevin also interviews Michael Schratt about his book Dark Files: A Pictorial History of Lost, Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters. It's a gorgeously-illustrated compendium of 61 worthwhile cases, and Kevin and Schratt cover several of them. Other recent Kevin offerings include Editorial Comment and Recent Sightings, which includes Kevin's musings on the government's fashion of using "UAP" instead of "UFO." And Updates and Sightings has good information about the famous "WOW Signal." Lastly, Kevin also muses about Government UFO Hoaxes, and he doesn't spare Philip Corso, either. (WM)-- Delivered by Feed43 service
    Published: Jun 29