Peru: Venezuelan Immigrant Records UFO Over Piura - Inexplicata

  • A sighting last month produced a cellphone record and a more interesting story, as the witness' description of the object's aerial antics proves. What's more, she apologizes for previous criticisms of blurry UFO videos. Argentina: The LUCI Phenomenon (03. Yo Fui Testigo)—"I was a witness" concerns a marvel first recorded in Argentina, but if Demetrio Charalambous is correct it seems a least Western-Hemisphere-wide. The witness does consider mundane possibilities, but the described antics of the object are remarkable. Researchers Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos discuss the area where ufology and folklore seem to coalesce in OVNIRADIO- ICOU 03. The Invaders (Humanoid Case Histories - "The Lilliputians, Part 1". Polanco and Burgos come up with a new classification for very tiny humanoids, and tell several detailed and beguiling but puzzling stories. (WM)-- Delivered by Feed43 service
    Published: May 13