Effects of Aging Have Been Reversed by Putting Young Poop in Old Mice - Science Alert

  • Some cool maverick science to end the week. It's already known that transplanting poop from a healthy colon into a diseased colon can help the diseased colon heal itself. Gross but not worrisome. Now scientists have figured out that gifting the poop of younger poopers to older poopers may help slow down or reverse cognitive decline—at least in mice. Be sure to flush folks, because things could get messy. It gets weirder though, because researchers have finally proven what zombies have known all along: Old Mice 'Rejuvenated' With Injections of Brain Fluid From the Young. So the questionable lifestyle of vampires has been validated by the folks in lab coats. And we've known for a while now that Young Blood May Be Rejuvenating The Old. So to recap, the future of aging looks like blood banks, brain juice smoothies, and public toilets that pay you to make a deposit. (CM)-- Delivered by Feed43 service
    Published: May 13